Our new duckies

hanging-w-duckI got mail this week! In a big, yellow envelope we found two little, yellow duckies. We opened the package after naps and before dinner, and we first had to figure out who were the main ducky masters. That turns out to be me and Belle.
A lot of kitties like these duckies. My anipal Manxington has started a club for ducky masters, and you can join if you are a cat and have a ducky. Our club has a Web site, and Manxington made a movie of kitties and doggies playing with their ducks. (I am not in the movie, but maybe Manx will add more later.) Yes, even dogs can get duckies, big ones! I got mine from my friend BabyPatches, whose hu-mom has a store for pets. Other stores have these duckies, with Velcro to replace catnip, as well.

You can see more pics of me with my ducky (and what happens after ducky play), but Belle is shy and won’t play with hers in front of the camera. Or anybody at all, for that matter. The humans laughed a lot because Belle takes her ducky up and down stairs when nobody can see her. She leaves the ducky sometimes, that’s how we know about these perambulations.

That’s big word for a kitten boy, I know! I have been studying a lot this summer when I’m not playing with my ducky or trying to beat up Karma. Even now that I’m a ducky master, she still beats me up.

P.S. Manxington updated the members movie. I like it a LOT now. (Don’t let on, but I’m in there twice now.)

2 thoughts on “Our new duckies

  1. My beautiful Otie had a Duckie… he didn’t even know they were popular! It was his favorite! Now it gets put on my bed every morning.

  2. I luv it! Yes the duckies are addictive arent’ they! I luv the part of duckies up & down the stairs. I move around a few toys on the floor for when Jeeves’ wakes in the morning. I like confusing Jeeves!

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