My Buddhism lessons: compassion

cheshire-maniI told you that Robin was teaching me stuff she learned while she was on her trip in India and left me here without her. I am learning about compassion, which as I understand it, is kind of like love but not really because it’s still OK not to be “attached” to somebody, which seems to allow for long trips to India without the kitten.

OK, I know I am supposed to try to reduce my suffering by not clinging to my hurt feelings because she left me for more than TWO WEEKS, but this compassion stuff seems really hard. Robin was showing me what she calls a mani stone. I has a thing called a mantra carved in it. (You can see it in the picture.) She was in India, but this stone came from Nepal. the mantra says “om mani padme hum,” which she says Buddhists chant lots of times in a row, kind of like when I get in the car. Repetition of these words encourages more compassion in the world, or maybe the universe.

This may be nice and all, but this compassion mantra is hard and I don’t know if I want to share the chair with it right now.

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