Anipals support kitty welfare

As you know, I am literate. Becket and Karma sometimes read. (They have a full-bodied reading technique.) But I am the only cat in our house who can type, so I was surprised to meet so many other animals on Twitter when I signed on a few weeks ago.

The kitties, dogs, hamsters, gerbils, giraffes, et al, who make up the anipal community on Twitter have a good time, and they also support animals who aren’t so fortunate to have forever homes and people who dote on them. Some of my anipals organize fun(d)raising parties, or “pawpawties,” for the Twitter crowd.

I went to a pawpawty for St. Patrick’s Day. I got to have my picture on the wall of fame because I supported Romeothecat’s mission. (I am in the fifth row, second from right.)

#pawpawty Anipals raise funds for on Twitpic 
This weekend is another pawpawty, with an island theme. Pussycat Island, to be exact. If you are on Twitter, you can attend Pussycat Island, everyone’s invited! If you’re not on Twitter, try it out!
You can help Sylvie the Dog raise money to help homeless pets in her area even if you don’t go to the pawpawty!

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