About Robin

Robin is my human, and her main purpose in life is to love cats (even if she thinks she’s supposed to do other things).

In addition to helping me with “Cheshire Loves Karma,” Robin teaches communication and directs the honors program at the university in our town. We often help her with course development and grading for journalism, public relations, and leadership classes. Her leadership course called, “Leadership For Social Change,” includes a six-week course in positive-reinforcement training for dogs and service learning with local animal welfare and rescue groups. She in on the board of directors of Friends of Paws in Prison, volunteers with Animal Rescue Foundation and recently helped Best Friends Animal Society with their campaign to “Fix at Month Four. It Saves More.”

Robin likes to collect papers. She has lots of papers that say she earned academic degrees in history and mass communication, for starters. She also has one that says she’s a certified yoga instructor because she completed the Living Yoga Program for teacher training. If you went to BlogPaws 2012, Robin taught the yoga classes. She even has TWO papers that say she knows how to use her Copic Markers.

Robin earned a new paper that makes her a Tellington TTouch Practitioner for companion animals!

She really likes to make papers and hand them out, as well. Sometimes she hangs them on the wall. Her favorite subjects all relate to compassion, and cats….. and other animals, like dogs. She just now published an essay called, “Chat With A Cat, Rap With A Rhino, Touch Base with a Tapir Dialogue With A Dog: The Perspective Of Animals,” in The TLU Reader, a book created for her university’s first-year students. If you are interested in this essay, or the rather eclectic set of essays that make up the book, please contact us. We’ll help you get a copy.

In 2011, she published an essay about peacemaking by women who have won the Nobel Peace Prize in a book called Femmes sans frontieres. (Robin’s part is in English, and she’d be happy to send you a copy of the article if you want to read it!)

Robin draws, takes pictures, makes mosaics, and she has begun making sculptures as well. She won a contest called, “The Art of the Tomato,” once and has had a couple of displays of her photos in our town. She has five marker drawings in an online gallery of animal art right now (you have to let the scroll). We are hoping she will get the opportunity to show her artwork to more people in the coming years.

Although this blog is MINE, I decided to give Robin a bit more space than she used to have here to talk to people about the things she loves, mostly US! If she gets too involved in writing about stuff I don’t care about, I’m cutting her off.

Robin claims the copyright for all the words (including mine!) and her photos on this blog.


5 thoughts on “About Robin

  1. Have you thought about adding social sharing to your blog? Like AddThis or something similar – it would make sharing your great posts so much easier :-)

  2. Hi there – I’m in the midst of finishing up a book with Baylor University Press titled “A Dog’s History of the World: Canines and Human Domestication.” One chapter discusses search/rescue dogs. I found a lovely image in an article you wrote in the Anipal Times (published 11 September 2011) of a woman with her search/rescue dog (looks like a dobie). I would love to use that image in the book. Is it one that you took or do you have contact information for the photographer so I could find out about permission to use it and what the credits/fees might be. Thanks so much!

  3. Very nice. It’s good you established your ground rules in the beginning so she doesn’t take over your blog. M wanted to do that and I firmly put my paw down!!

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