Coloring Endangered Animals and More

Coloring has become really popular for adults lately. I picked it up again a few years ago along with drawing and marker painting. Coloring and drawing patterns both feel really healing for my mind.

turtle-coloringPages to color abound in the Web and in printed books. Animal designs are really popular. Last night, I colored the lion mandala (from Tonight, I colored the flatback sea turtle page in Jonni Good’s Endangered Animals Color and Learn Book. This book has coloring pages and information pages about 18 animals. I looked for photos of the flatback sea turtle, and then decided I didn’t have to make realistic color choices. If I want a realistic turtle, I can print the page again! The coloring pages come in an e-book that is free. You can also buy it in paperback on Amazon for $8.98.

I like the information pages in the book too.  I already knew that all seven species of sea turtle are endangered and that plastic trash floating around in the oceans is very dangerous for turtles. I learned that the flatback sea turtle ranges around Australia. No, flatbacks are not Tuscan red and pink.

I just pre-ordered a brand new cat-themed coloring book from BZTAT, an artist I like who is passionate about cats and about the power of the human-animal bond. Color Me Cats will ship on Aug.31. I’ll be sure to share one of my first colored pages when I get the book.

I picked up  Designs by Frank Lloyd Wright and Stained Glass Window Designs by Frank Lloyd Wright when I visited Taliesin this summer, but I haven’t started coloring yet. I’m hung up on getting the color relationships “right” in these pages. To get over myself, I think I’ll photocopy the pages before I color. That way, I can color with whatever colors I want and not worry that I don’t have Wright’s colors in my palette. Maybe I should add cats to the pages… I hatched a lot of cat-friendly furniture ideas at Taliesin. I was surprised at how many of the design features of that amazing house seemed purrfect.

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