Our First Weekend In 2015

We are having a great weekend this year! I hope all our weekends in 2015 are this much fun. First, Robin and U.H. are doing things we can help with, like knitting and making cat beds. Especially making cat beds.

Brie helped Robin make the bottom of the first bed, but then he didn’t want to get in the bed. Becket got in the bed first and liked it very much. Cheddar and Reggie both fit in the bed that was made for ONE Becket. Bleu tried out the bed too, but Brie got in our big box and played on his own. That was the first day.

The second day, Robin made a bed for one smaller cat. Becket was the first to try out the small bed too. I like this bed. Cheddar watched Sparkle while she groomed herself on the porch, but then he got tired. Good thing the sun was out!

Brie-Pillow Reggie-Cheddar-Bed
Bleu-bed Brie-box
CK-puzzlebed Ched-Sparkle

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