New Resource To Help Find Lost Cats

We have been following the career of Henry and his person Kim Freeman as they reunite more and more lost cats with their humans.

I hope we never need to hire Henry and Kim to find anybody Do you hear that, Colby!?! Colby’s the only one of us who has gone out into the big world for a long time. Reggie, Karma and I have all gone out but not recently. Actually, now that we have a well built catio, no one is particularly interested in even looking out the doors the humans use.

Nevertheless, I am glad Kim is nearby to help if we ever need her. She and Henry found some cats for the cat sanctuary in Dripping Springs this summer and another couple of cats who were lost in Austin. That got Henry and Kim on the TV news!

Kim has a lot of advice to start a search for a lost kitty. Just recently, she issued a downloadable book, How to Find a Lost Cat,  to read right away. The book is an immediate download, so you won’t make some of the mistakes that humans often do when looking for lost kitties.

Karma-shelf-smlIf your cat is lost, first look in every conceivable place – and the inconceivable ones, too – INSIDE your house. WITH A FLASHLIGHT.

(See how well Karma blends in on the shelf with all of Robin’s stuff?)

My name is Cheshire Kitten because I have a super-developed ability to disappear. I used to scare Robin all the time by hiding. Now, she knows I’ll come out when I’m ready. She also knows to look in the cabinet for the water heaters, in the rafters, behind the enormous, orange thermos….


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