Meal time is sacred

Cheshire-sitting-smlThis is how I feel when someone comes in my room at breakfast or dinner time. I want to spend time by myself while I eat.

I do like it when Colby comes in. He’s a nice little guy, and he rubs on me just the right amount. Cheddar is a bit too “rubby” for my tastes. Brie and Bleu eat my food while I’m out doing other things in the entry or garage, or somewhere else. I don’t really mind, as long as the humans give me more food when I’m hungry. Lexie gets on my nerves a bit, but I don’t mind sharing the linen closet with her.

But Reggie is never invited in here. All he wants to do anyway is upset himself by looking at cats in the yard.

4 thoughts on “Meal time is sacred

  1. What about my Spirit Sisfur Meggy? Can she come in your room & share your noms Cheshie? I’m glad you like Colby – it’s nice to see the cheeses interacting with efurryone!
    Love yoo my friend! ((HUGS))

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