Cheddar Helps With Chores

Because we have one fewer hour today than we usually do, Robin started working around the house as soon as she finished feeding all of us. The first load of laundry revealed that the dryer is broken (we smelled the gas…). She’s heading for the laundromat to dry all of her clothes.

In the meantime, Cheddar helped with the hand washing.

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2 thoughts on “Cheddar Helps With Chores

  1. Cheddar is a pawsome helper-but I’m not so sure abt doing laundry….what if you ever fell in that water? *shudders*
    The Cheeses are so lucky they live with you Cheshie! Always makes us happy to think of them all staying together! Robin is such a wonderful hooman with so much love in her heart for all yoo kittehs!

  2. Cheddar sure makes a great laundry helper, quite a studious mancat. I especially like his careful testing of the water, to make sure its temperature, purity, and pressure for the laundry are perfect. I wonder what other household chores the Cheeses have a talent for?

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