Back from BlogPaws!

I helped my human do a good job on her presentation at BlogPaws 2013. She had an engaged audience and we thank them for making her presentation go really well. The tech support people were super too. They captured this and all the presentations on video, so if you check the BlogPaws website, you might be able to see her (or see her AGAIN!).

If you haven’t seen any of the Web Resources pages on our site yet (we picked the one on cats to link to here, and there are several others as well), take a look at them. Robin is checking out websites on pet topics to see if they meet her standards for authority and credibility, and we’re sharing them for her. We’ve got a pretty good list on some cat topics, pet health is shaping up, and she’s pulled together a few resources on the relationship between humans and animals. We’re going to be adding a section on legal and international issues concerning companion animals, too. If you find a Web resource you think presents really solid information pet bloggers should use to support great posts, please, let us know. If you would like Robin to obsessively evaluate websites on a topic we haven’t launched yet, please let us know that too.

Robin enjoyed a lot of other presentations too. She was particularly gratified to receive confirmation from Debbie Jacobs that as a cat person she has something special to offer frightened dogs. She is going to work up a resource page on government documents because she learned so much at the “Political Animal” session. She learned about a great new resource from visiting the table of the Human Animal Bond Research Initiative in the exhibit hall. She especially enjoyed Steve Dale’s keynote and having the opportunity to chat briefly with Mr. Dale again.Speaking Badge

I would like to personally thank everyone who made Robin’s trip to BlogPaws nice: pals’ humans, dogs and cats she met, new humans she met, the BlogPaws staffers who arranged everything and handled the troubleshooting, the vendors who give away samples of their products, pilots, flight attendants, people who toss her luggage around behind the scenes at airports…. We thank Chloe DiVita for loving yoga, even if she doesn’t get to come for early morning practice. Most of all, we send purrs and slow blinks to MaggieTKat and TildaToo, without whom, Robin says, BlogPaws would not be anywhere near as fun.

Thanks to BoSoxAmy (Amy Palmer) for this great photo!

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