A Cuddle a Day: Ms Kittie’s Belly

Ms Kittie likes to rub around Robin’s feet and lie down right along her leg. This picture isn’t very good, but it’s the best Ms Kittie cuddle we could come up with because she rolls and skooches around.

She was exploring the kitchen and dining room again today and came by my room. She also encountered Karma under  another door. Earlier in the day she and Reggie nosetapped through the wall of her enclosure.

We have better pictures of Ms Kittie resting and showing off her belly.She was chubby when she arrived at our house in the storm in January, and her pregnancy diet helped her expand her belly even further. She is pretty proud of that belly!

Now that she’s not pregnant, however, the humans are encouraging her to reduce. She’s getting weight management kibbles. Robin plays with her to get her moving. She’s started an exercise program of her own too.

She’s doing sit-ups!

I have a little note for email subscribers about yesterday’s post about Robin speaking in the chapel about Animals, Humans and God. We looked at the email and noticed that you didn’t get a link to the VIDEO! You must have wondered why we made that post at all! If you want to hear the chapel service, including some commentary by one of the dogs who was there, you have to go back to the post and click on the video!


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