The Holiday Season is Here!

Robin won this little tree from our local Humane Society in a raffle. We also scratched the 10 Lotto tickets that were hanging on it and get to reclaim $27! AND she won a free pizza at her favorite local pizza place. And the money she spent on the raffle goes to the cats and dogs in the shelter! Woo Hoo!

I hear from another Secret Santa every day that gifts have been ordered and shipped. Hooray for Secret Santas!!!

Nutmeggy already has received a package and I got a CARD today!

Finally, gift buying is in high gear tonight at NipClub at the First NipClub Holiday Bazaar! We already had our first order!!!!

I hope you will take a moment to visit my art shop and the other cool shops that people and pals in the Nip Club and anipal communities have set up online. Even when they don’t say proceeds are donated to causes, all of the shopkeepers are giving so much to animals all the time!

Happy Holidays to EVERYONE!

2 thoughts on “The Holiday Season is Here!

  1. What a pawsome tree and prizes Auntie Robin won! Mew look so cute next to the tree Chessie! I’ve been having to head butt my Mom in to gear on finishing up designing my holiday cards so we can get them sent out. I don’t want them to be late, Mewmew! <3

  2. Whoa! That’s a really nice tree. TW never wins anything in the lottery. OMC! I was gonna wait to ship my Secret Santa gift till a little later but if others have shipped theirs …

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