A Cuddle a Day: Reggie

Robin says I have to show off this lovely picture of Reggie today because I puffed up and chased him. Again. She’s calling me Puffball. I spent the afternoon in my room. She is giving all sorts of comfort to Reggie.


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7 thoughts on “A Cuddle a Day: Reggie

  1. Hmm Puffball eh? Well I reckon a bit more concilliatory sniffs and stuff might not go amiss tho mate. Mum says Reggie looks gorgeous and can you pop him in an envelope to New Zealand please…… * rolls eyes *

    Yer pal, Dash

  2. Awwww poor Chessie, mew need to be nicer to Reggie like Auntie Robin says. Reggie is mewz fur brother and even if mew don’t like him, it is his home too. I understand mewz feeling as I don’t get along with my brother Kaspers, but have had to learn to tolerate him cuz my Mom says so! *grumbles mews & whips tail* Despite this I am STILL Queen of the house! Mewmew!

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