A Cuddle a Day

We are definitely going to be meditating this week. Robin has been wildly overstimulated. First, she started this year’s teaching. Then, she finished making her book come out on Amazon as a paperback and a Kindle book. Pumpkin Puddy reviewed it, too!

In addiition to all that, her foster trainee was running for Dog Ambassador of our town, and he didn’t win. He did, however, make a pretty good showing at his very first public event. He summoned his courage to meet a smallish, white poodle and a baby dachshund. He hung out and ate treats only about three feet away from two registered therapy dogs. They hung out on the fringes of the crowd and at the end, Tiko let Tim pet him and accepted the gift of a hot dog, which he ate at home.

We would like to thank everyone who donated to advance his candidacy! The Guadalupe County Humane Society will get more than $8700 from this fundraiser. The winning dog, Bo Diddley Parker, raised $2300 all by himself!

We won’t mention that Tiko peed in her driver’s seat.


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