Vote for Tiko!

Everybody knows that we’ve been sharing our human’s affections this summer with a rescue dog named Tiko, right?

NOW, she has decided to put him forward as a candidate in an election for Seguin Dog Ambassador. Sheesh! What will she do next, make ME a candidate?

To win the election, Tiko has to get more votes than the other doggies. We do hope he will win because he is an honorary member of the CUDDLE FAMILY!

To vote, all you have to do is donate a dollar to the Guadalupe County Humane Society on Tiko’s behalf. ANYONE can vote, so no matter where you are you could help Tiko WIN. In fact, we put together a ChipIn page for him (look to your right…. it’s a red widget, or a little sentence with a link if you’re on mobile) to make it easier for you to influence the election.

The ChipIn closes one day before the winner will be declared to give Robin time to convert the contributions from PayPal to cash and get them turned in at the polling place, Thunderpaws Canine Solutions.

Robin had to tell why Tiko should win when she filed his candidacy, and this is what she said:

Tiko risked death to live in Seguin. (His kennel mate had Parvo.) He is a graduate of Thunderpaws elementary training class. And, if he wins, he’ll be so excited he’ll pee on my pants.

Winning the election will be GREAT for Tiko’s resume. Who wouldn’t want to adopt a dog who could WIN an election?!? And besides, your vote  for TIKO for Seguin Dog Ambassador is a vote for shelter pets in our county!

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