I Finally Went Out of My Room

11:04  The door to my room opens and STAYS OPEN. I sniff the threshold.
11:05 I sit on the threshold.
11:07 I lie down on the threshold.
11:08 I sit up and lean into the dining room.
11:09 I tip toe into the dining room and start to sniff the floor, rugs, walls and furniture.

11:12 I jump up on a chair and then the piano. I walk around up there until I see Robin sitting in the kitchen, just across another threshold.

11:16 I jump down from the piano and head into the living room. I sniff around behind the chairs and tables, check out the box — Becket likes to sleep there — and the ottoman. I thought about going under something, but I didn’t. Every muscle in my body is engaged! I look around the TV and get on the kitty condo. I take a look out two different windows and sniff the curtains.

11:24: I head into the kitchen, where I sniff the drawer in the bottom of the stove and then jump up on the counter. Robin runs the water into her moose cup. I let her pet me as I walk the narrow ridge of counter in front of the sink. I sniff the peach pits in the cat food dish. What??? Why are peaches in the cat dish? Robin goes to the fridge and puts some good smelling stuff from a can into another cat dish. I jump down on the floor to try the food. Pretty good, but I leave the green bits. (Robin says the food is Spot’s Stew by Halo.) I wander around a bit more in the kitchen and living room. Robin lies down with me on the living room floor, but I head to the dining room and stretch out on an oriental rug.

11:38 I go over to sniff under a closed door, hiss and fluff up my tail, hesitate in the dining room, then saunter back into my room.

11:40 Robin brings the rest of the Spot’s Stew, but it’s all green stuff, so I only lick it. Then she gives me my latest favorite training treat, Alpha cat kibbles! I get a drink from the faucet. Everything in here is just as I left it!

11:44 I rest on my chair in my bathroom.

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