A Special Note to Followers of My WordPress Blog (Others May Also Look!)

Yesterday, Robin finished building my new website and we started forwarding all visitors to cheshireloveskarma.wordpress.com to it. That means that no matter what you typed to get here, you’re now on CheshireLovesKarma.com!

It’s so cool to have my very own Web estate! We’re building a store right here on my site — so far only one item, my BOOK! — and Robin’s going to blog here with me occasionally (if she can ever think of what to call her category for posts). Mostly, it’s the same as my original blog only BETTER!

I signed up the email subscribers for the new Cheshire’s Cuddle Family email list, but as far as I know, I can’t move followers. If it’s possible, we just have no idea how to do it! Forwarding is in place for a year, but it would probably be a good idea to get used to going to the new site.

I’ll get my clicker and treat bag! Ready?


4 thoughts on “A Special Note to Followers of My WordPress Blog (Others May Also Look!)

  1. Welcome!! I am moving Dash over to WordPress in a few weeks when i have made him a little page and stuff. WELL DONE Robin!

    1. Thanks! I really do appreciate Robin. That’s why I’m letting her blog on my site too. Now, I just have to give her the time to do it!

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