A Cuddle a Day

Today, we had a CHICKEN BONANZA! We got to have some freshly cooked chicken because Robin made chicken broth for Mystery. He hadn’t been drinking water because he was afraid it would hurt when he peed. He couldn’t resist the broth!

I had never, ever, had fresh chicken before. I really liked it! I’m giving her great cuddles!

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2 thoughts on “A Cuddle a Day

  1. You got chicken? You’re so lucky! We love love love fresh cooked chicken. It’s about the only people food we’re allowed to have, and we don’t get it nearly enough. Somehow chicken from mom is much better than chicken from the cat food can.

  2. Wow! Robin must really love you cats to cook chicken. Very hard for a vegetarian to to that, but love conquers all. Robin is a great cat whisperer

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