The Guadalupe Getaway

Thirty-FIVE dogs are getting ready for the long trip to New York and a second chance on life.

Their journey started with a thorough vet check. I want to share with you what Barbara Upper of Animal Rescue Foundation told my human and me just now

Today began as we thought it would: far too early and far too hot.  We met our vet teams under early clouds which made it look a bit cooler , but which quickly served to make our  work with the dogs extremely tropical.   Each of the travelers has been vetted, evaluated and prepped for the trip.  35 of them.  

The dogs did not know that they had become scientists, but their participation in a trial for vaccine development (they gave blood) also tested them for heart worms.  Most passed, and were gracious while being tested.  QBI in Seguin did this important service, and Bill Campaigne and staff [Seguin Animal Hospital] inoculated each of the dogs.  Pam [Burris] has photographed each one, and our records are nearly complete.

Snags on the delivery date and the RV rental will be resolved today as well, and we are visiting each vet in town to beg first aid supplies for the dogs.  Cage collection has begun, and we have had wonderful response for our pleas for monetary support.  We are not there yet, but well on the way!  

This is becoming a real endeavor, with real results.

A spinoff:  Seguin Animal Services will be able to move some of their dogs into fosters as we empty those kennels by taking occupants on the Getaway.   We did adopt one of the dogs unable to make the trip (HW+) into a great family in Seguin, so that make us feel even better as we wiped ourselves down with bleach and antibacterial soap.

We laughed a lot as well, a good sign as we will get to know each other very well in the next two weeks.

So the dogs are clear to go.  My home never looked as clean, felt as cool or smelled as wonderful as it did today.

You can read my article in The Anipal Times for more on this amazing story. If you want to help along the way with dog walking at rest stops, please get in touch with me or my human. If you want to donate, go to Animal Rescue Foundation’s website.

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