A Cuddle a Day: Guest Cuddle

Rescue cat Sandy (aka CancerCat, @CancerCatATX on Twitter) snuggles in with her Mom. Saved from euthanasia, Sandy is enjoying her remaining time in a loving home.

Sandy’s mom blogs at Feline Foster Follies.

Read the origin of A Cuddle a Day. If you would like to propose a picture for a Guest Cuddle, contact me on Twitter @CheshireK or email me at cheshirekitten at sbcglobal dot net.

5 thoughts on “A Cuddle a Day: Guest Cuddle

  1. Gorgeous. Gorgeous cuddle. I just visited the Feline Foster Follies blog, which is wonderful, too. I’m loving your daily cuddles. Thank you for my guest cuddle the other day. Mom was too distracted with me to post but it did come as a lovely surprise on the perfect day.


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