5 thoughts on “A Cuddle a Day: Guest Cuddle

  1. How sweet!!! I love me some big time IsaGold and BettyBlue!!! (And WallasEKatt, too!) =;-) Hugzzzzzzzzzzz to all! @DaneRay — RAY, CHASE & TIPPER

  2. Hai Cheshie!
    Fanks so much fur featurin me & BettyBlue.
    She duzn’t hv twitter so she’ll be so happy to finally b on inturnetz!
    I’d like to offer dis cuddle up in honour of our pal Petie & hiz sweet Pandafur xox.
    Fanks again,
    Lots of luv & CuddlePiles,
    IsaGold xox

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