News, both great and not so good

First, the great news is that MaggieTKat’s mom pledged $140 on behalf of all the auction participants for Okey’s Promise on! Hurray for all of the artists and the art lovers who want to support the greater goal of showing how much for people depends on the relationship of humans and animals. We love BZTAT and the work she is doing with her art! The Kickstarter fundraiser still has a lot of ground to cover to meet the goal, so we’ll be auctioning more art starting Thursday!

mystery sleepingNext, the not-so-good news. My humans took Mystery, one of our garden kitties, to the vet today because he had an ear injury. He got cleaned up and stitched up at the vet’s and is spending the night at the vet’s to make sure his ear gets off to a good start on healing. His ear will heal, but it turns out that Mystery is FIV+. Robin did some quick research on what that means for our cat and human family, and according to the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, Mystery should live inside. If he lives with a colony of cats who get along well and don’t fight, he can live a good, long life, and so can the other cats he lives with. FIV is rarely transferred except in aggressive biting.

However, we have such a big inside cat family that Mystery can’t move in with us. And we’re not entirely free of fighting in here either.

Robin loves Mystery very much and he takes care of the house for us. He looks after the Garden Kittens like a proud dad. Since he had his neutering operation last summer, he hasn’t been away from our house for a day (well, except now). He’s the most responsible one of all of us, Robin says. He loves Robin, too, so we want to help her find a loving home for him where he can live inside and be safe and not have to stand guard of his territory.

If you know anyone who would like to take in a loving, neutered, FIV+ kitty of undetermined age, please contact us. Robin will feel so much better when she knows her guard cat has a good new family to take care of.

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