Art Auction for Okey’s Promise: Day SIX

Okeys QuiltMaggieTKat’s mom is an amazing quilter with a passion for animals. She also has a passion for raising awareness about the connection between animal abuse and domestic abuse. She made this Christmas quilt to celebrate the joys of our lives with humans and to support BZTAT’s Okey’s Promise Project.

This quilted wall hanging starts with a Laurel Burch panel to which Wanda added the holly and stars, quilting and an amazing amount of sparkly BEADS.


Parker and Maggie supervised the piecing and quilting. Parker especially likes to help with beading.

You can read all about the making of the quilt on Kruse Kats.

Maggie and Parker told me, “Our quilt features a center panel celebrating holidays and designed by Laurel Burch Artworks. We helped mom with this quilt, and we are really proud of each piece of fur on it. Mom appliquéd holly leaves and stars in the borders. The entire quilt surface is heavily quilted with clear, cotton, rayon, and metallic threads using free motion techniques. Hand beading was added to the surface design to highlight the bright primary and secondary colors. Our quilt is 30” x 32”, the perfect size for a choice spot for the holidays. Picture the quilt hanging in the entrance hallway greeting your guests, or maybe casually tossed on a table for all to admire.

The quilt has a sleeve for hanging and comes in its own protective cotton case.

Bidding opens at $25. Please post your bid as a comment and competing bids should be made in multiples of $5 or $10. Ready????


P.S. If you do not want to participate in the auction but want to contribute to the anipals’ pledge for Okey’s Promise, please contact me at Or you can pledge directly on Okey’s page.

10 thoughts on “Art Auction for Okey’s Promise: Day SIX

  1. Neow, let me think about this….

    BZTAT’s gr8 idea fur Okey’s Promise… $20
    Cheshire’s kindness in hosting auction… $20
    Parker’s modelling & furrrmentation… $20
    Maggie’s snupervision & purrection… $20
    Postage & handling… $20
    Wanda’s skill & commitment prior to her surgery… Priceless!

    So my bid has to be at least $100.

    $100 it is.


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