Praise for Philanthropic Pals

You guys are JUST THE BEES KNEES!!!!

In round two of the Art Auction for Japan Animal Relief we raised $533 for World Vets. The donations we made in both rounds of auctions and some purchases in the store to $856. Thank you all so much for helping the people who are doing all they can to care for the animals in the devastated area of Northern Japan. It means so much to my human and me that we could all come together to share our gifts.

I must apologize for taking a whole month to get this report together. I hate to admit the reason for the delay because I’m a bit embarrassed. But I owe my great pals an explanation. I am having trouble getting to the computer because I can’t bring myself to walk past Belle.

Belle hangs out in the laundry basket waiting to pounce on me if I dare to pass by her.

3 thoughts on “Praise for Philanthropic Pals

  1. Don’t worry Chesh, efurryone is very busy pouncin, sleepin & preenin our fur, so we understand u r busy too. Plus, it’s hard to get those hoomans to help us when they have jobs to do too.

    Well done to you CheshireK, & Robin of course, you’ve done a fantastic job helping the suffering animals of Japan. Thanks fur co-ordinatin the auctions & concats on a gr8 result.

    Cheers mate,

    p.s. Jeeez that Belle sure is a good sort! What a bootiful floofy coat she has…. are you sweet on her?

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