Art Auction to Benefit Japan Animal Relief: Day 6

Black and White Kitten. Found.
Black and White Kitten. Found.
Gray Cat. Found.
Gray Cat. Found.

@Isagold and @WallasEKat donated today’s art auction items. Wallas and Isa are anipals from Australia with big hearts and generosity in the face of disaster.

First, they bought these drawings of kitties who were found after last month’s earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand. Now, they are donating the drawings to help the relief effort for animals in Japan.

My human, Robin, drew these kitties from images on the Web of cats that people had taken in until their own guardians are able to find them again. Each one was posted separately in my first auction, but this time we’ll use the same method we did with WHSKR’s pendants. If you want to bid for the gray kitty, specify gray in your post. If you want to bid for the black and white kitty, specify black. You can bid for one or both!

The drawings are in archival ink on 5×7 bristol paper.

This will be the last auction this week. My human is preparing for a Compassion Art event in our town on Saturday. This the first festival of the arts here, and Robin is excited to be part of it and to have the opportunity to engage people in artistic meditation on compassion. Robin and the people who come to the event will be decorating paper fans and lanterns. We will definitely be ready to auction a new piece after #scifipawty. As readers of Kruse Kats blog know, MaggieTKat’s mom has more quilts in progress too, so you’ll be seeing them here when she’s ready. After today’s auction please visit CheshireK Loves … Where I have copies of my book, Robin has cards, and Wanda (Maggie’s mom) has lovely quilts. A lucky winner at #scifipawty will get a little shopping trip in the store. Proceeds from this store will go to the animal disaster relief fund we are building, including to the effort in Japan.

Remember to offer bids in increments of $5 by commenting on this post, and specify gray or black and white. The auction will be open until 11:59 p.m. ED on March 22

Let’s start the bidding for these drawings at $10 each. Good luck winning the auction of your choice!

13 thoughts on “Art Auction to Benefit Japan Animal Relief: Day 6

  1. Concatulations Flickie & Amber! (Amber, I assume u waz biddin there!)

    The Black & White dude looks just like me…. & @Flick47 the gray kitteh is just like #BettyBlue (@Isagold’s baby) & Cheshie’s Karma! Gorgeous.

    Thanks fur suppawting pals in peril around the wurld by bidding in CheshireK’s auctions.
    WeK & Isa xox

  2. Bids are now closed in these auctions. Congratulations to the winning bidders!

    Hee. Cheshie is teaching me how to BLOG!

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