Selling my book, and some other stuff

My human hasn’t been letting me blog much lately because she’s been busy making stuff and I’ve been putting a lot of time in my editing and news reporting. She is letting me post today because I promised to show you what she’s making.

She’ll be taking my books, some photos from the book, photos of her trip to India, hand-painted silk scarves and her Compassion Parasol and Compassion bandanas to the Mercado de Paz/Peace Market at the Esperanza Center for Peace and Justice in San Antonio, Texas, on Nov. 26 and 27. It’s her first artist fair ever and we are hoping people will be excited about the Compassion Parasol Project and, of course, about my book, Please Send Money by Cheshire Kitten.

Compassion ParasolThe Compassion Parasol Project is interactive. Robin decorated a parasol with a story about a kind dolphin who reached out with great compassion to help a chronically depressed man. Other people get to write words of compassion on the back of tiny, tiny photos of Buddhas that will be added to the parasol, kind of like fringe. Each person who adds a word will be entered in a drawing for the Compassion Parasol. At the Peace Market, she’s going to try charging $3 to hang a compassion word/Buddha and a chance at the winning the whole parasol. We’ll see how that works. She wants to continue the Compassion Parasol Project and link with the Charter for Compassion, an international initiative to foster compassion that is funded by TED.

Compassion BandanaShe also hand painted Compassion Bandanas to go with the Compassion Parasol Project. The bandanas have the dolphin and waves of compassion words. They will cost $20.

I guess you will have to go to the Peace Market for now to see the photos. Some are big and some are small. We might sell some of these things in our Etsy store if people seem to like them.

My books are our main priority, of course. Some lucky human will win one in the official Peaace Market raffle.

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  1. I wish that we could go to the Peace Market with you. Your work is lovely. Our word for the Buddha would be “patience.” *katiekisses*

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