Update on Tiger

Tiger is recuperating. His tail is in the itchy phase of healing, his human said. She also said he is eating a lot. “More than his share,” she actually said, MOL. He’s playing with his family but skittish around strangers.

Who could blame Tiger for shying away from strangers???

Tiger did respond well to Amber, who went to visit him and his mom as soon as she read the newspaper and found out what happened to him. Amber is one of the biggest supporters of animal welfare in our town. She springs dogs from the shelters and fosters them until they find forever homes and works with ARF-Texas. She has a long history of service to animals, including work with animals after Hurricane Katrina.

Amber will help Tiger’s mom get continued care for his injuries, neutering and vaccinations. We can help by donating via PayPal to help pay for his care through ARF – Texas. The site has a spot for comments, so make sure to mention that you want to support Tiger’s care. (If ARF receives more than is necessary for Tiger’s care, the remainder will go into the organization’s general medical fund.)

Only one person has made a donation specifically for Tiger’s care, so far.  I hope more of us will be able to help out.

I also have heard from a friend with connections in the prosecuting attorney’s office that the guys suspected of hurting Tiger will be prosecuted to the fullest extent.

Tiger’s mom says a big THANK YOU to everyone who is praying for Tiger or sending purrs. She wants us all to know that Tiger and his little boy are playing together a lot and having a really good time.

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