Beagles Freed For Independence Day

Originally published

by Cheshire Kitten on 6 July 2010

in the Special World News section of The Anipal Times

Animal rescue groups in New York and New Jersey celebrated the freedom of more than one hundred beagles and about half that many primates this Independence Day. The animals had been destined for medical testing.

All but one of the beagles had not yet been subjected to testing. None of the dogs had ever been outside.

At least four rescue groups in the area and Best Friends Animal Society in Utah are preparing the dogs for adoption, Madison-Chatham In Jersey reported. News reports say only that the primates were sent to a simian rescue organization.

Ninety beagles are now with the humans of Pets Alive Animal Rescue. About 30 of the dogs will go directly to Best Friends. Another 30 are at St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in New Jersey.

At Pets Alive, the beagles experienced walking on the grass for the first time. All of the dogs are receiving lots of affection from human volunteers.

The beagles will all receive any necessary veterinary care and socializations before going up for adoption. The Pets Alive website has all the information about adopting one of the beagles.

Best Friends will pay for care for the beagles for the first three months, Pet Rescue Examiner reported, and Pets Alive hopes to place them in forever homes by then. If they haven’t found homes yet, Pets Alive will continue to care for them.

Win Animal Rights, an animal rights organization, worked to gain the release of the animals who were in custody of a financially failing pharmaceutical company, the Times Herald-Record reported. Employees of Aniclin Preclinical Services contacted animal rescue groups about the beagles when the company entered bankruptcy, Madison-Chatham In Jersey reported.

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