Undercover Mousie Mayhem

Cheshire gets the mousieCK Undercover Mousie StyleMy human got me and Petunia a great new toy, the Undercover Mousie. For a few weeks I didn’t know we had this great new toy in the house. This should have been good for Petunia to get in some extra playtime, but everyone else knew about the Mousie and had to try it. Reggie learned how to triumph over the mousie fastest and he monopolized the toy. Petunia won’t play when Karma’s in the room, and Karma liked the mousie too, so she really didn’t have much opportunity to play. When I was well enough for the humans to think I could use a little exercise, they moved the toy upstairs.

Vigorous. That’s my Undercover Mousie style. What’s yours?

7 thoughts on “Undercover Mousie Mayhem

  1. I do agree, Lydia. Maddie and Splotchy need an Undercover Mouse. Buy one for their Easter basket.

    Undercover Mousie is waaaaaaay better than boiled eggs.

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