Kitty yogis

I stop for small bursts of yoga stretching throughout my day. Downward-facing cat (ha!) is one of my favorite postures. Even a present from the Greenies Company doesn’t hold my interest when I feel a big stretch coming on.

I imagine I could practice other postures to help the infection in my lungs clear up, but I don’t know what they are. Although I don’t know much about the postures of hatha yoga, I am better versed in other aspects of kitty yoga. I’m really good about paying attention to how my body feels. When I was feeling really sick, I curled up in the warm sweaters. Now that I feel a lot better, I run and play, but the humans have figured out that they don’t have to control my movements. I monitor myself. I don’t throw myself headlong into playing when I don’t feel up to it. The humans hardly ever hear me cough now because I don’t push myself too hard. I know my limits.

I also know when I feel well enough to be more active. For example, when the sun is shining in, I have more energy and run back and forth and chase Karma. We haven’t seen the sunshine today, and I know I’m not at my strongest. I coughed a little, so I’m resting.

Becket is taking the opportunity to study yoga more formally. Our human went to a workshop with Judith Lasater last week and bought this helpful book.

Becket is best at savasana.

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