Guest Blogger: Katieboocat

KatieCheshire has nominated me for an Honest Scrap award. I am flattered, but have been trying hard to come up with interesting things about me.

1. The pads of my paws are mauve.

2. Speaking of feet, I love to chew on stinky human toes. The Girl doesn’t mind it so much, but it freaks The Boy out.

3. I love humans. It is my responsibility to greet every human that comes to our house. I make them feel loved and welcome.

4. I am a fussy eater.

5. I have a very finely-tuned radar that lets me know if The Girl is even THINKING about eating cheese. The minute the cheese comes out, I am all over the counter.

6. I love to give and receive kisses. Especially tummy kisses. I am always jumping up on things so that I can reach The Girl’s head to give her head bonks.

7. Every year for Christmas, I ask Santa Paws for opposable thumbs. I haven’t gotten them yet, but I will keep trying!

8. Contrary to what The Girl says, I don’t actually throw pawfuls of litter all over the floor after I use my box. I make kitty mandalas with it.

9. I love exploring in the garage, but I only get to do it when I sneak out the door. The Humans don’t like for us to go out there.

10. I am so grateful for all of my friends! Cheshire is my bestest friend, and I love Boomie and Pippin and Bdgrlaw and Boris and Rumbles and Zack and Henry and everyone else too! I am so lucky that The Girl was smart enough to let me talk to them on Twitter.

Thank you, dearest Cheshire, for inviting me to post my silliness on your blog! I don’t have my own blog, as The Girl can barely keep up with her own. I don’t mind. I’d rather read everyone else’s blogs anyway.

Editor’s note: Lovely Katie is also featured on this month’s #pawpawty souvenirs.

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