Wear me close to your heart.

My human made a Zazzle shirt for people who love me to hold me close to their hearts. I am doing so much better with the help of my medicine and the good wishes and prayers from all of my friends. We want to thank everybody (furry and human!) for your incredible support by making this really pretty picture of me available to help you feel peaceful inside, like I look in the picture. 

You will also think of me when you wear your shirt, and I will continue to feel your love and (I hope!) keep getting better and better until I’m all better.

I had a good day today. Nobody heard me coughing at all. I lounged on the red chair in front of the window in the sun puddle for a long time. Actually, I did that AFTER I ran to a safe place and hid from the man with the tools who was here to fix the furnace that was pretending to be broken. When my human came home from work, she gave me treats while she was upside down, kind of. That was fun! 

I’ll have some news about an interesting arrangement with The Greenies Company soon.

You can keep me close to your heart and help another kitty too! Just like with my book, we are going to use the money we make to help kitties in need. I want to give all the royalties we get for this shirt to the Guadalupe County animal shelter to care for kitties there.

4 thoughts on “Wear me close to your heart.

  1. Oh dear friend. It was so nice to see your video of you trying to play with the rug and to read your message above. I’m so happy you are beginning to feel better. M and I are going to be sending our thought and prayers you way, even tho we won’t be on Twitter for 2 whole weeks. You will still be close to our hearts. Hope you get all better before I get back. Healing purrs purr purr purr
    Love from your friends M and Mario

  2. Hi, Cheshire Kitten lovely, could you please pass this message onto yout human. Her system seems defective (I mean computer system) as my email has been bouncing back a couple of times. The message is a couple of days old, of course, and in the meantime I printed a lovely picture of you and have it close to me. Get well soon and remember ‘Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we are here we might as well dance!’ Much love Viviane

    Dear Robin,

    My name is Viviane Laios and I am one of the healers who will be sending healing to Cheshire Kitten. I am a Reiki master and will be sending Reiki energy and prayers. I received a picture of Cheshire Kitten and he looks adorable. I feel certain that between the vet and the healers he will get well very quickly.

    I’ve also visited briefly his site and will visit again. It is an honour for me to be able to help.
    In Love and Light

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