Better every day

Purple Pillows and Me Thanks so much to everyone who is rooting for me and sending healing energy and prayers. I am feeling much better than I was a little more than a week ago. I have been sleeping a lot, but I also play a lot.

When Karma jumped on me and bowled me over, I leaped up and bowled HER over. I haven’t been so assertive with Karma in a few months.

My humans are still puzzled about how I got fungal pneumonia. Our vet told us that when humans get it, they have been visiting in West Texas. He started to see cats with it and his research discovered the same fungus in potting soil that people have in plant pots in their houses. However, we have only one potted plant. It’s a Christmas Cactus and it hangs up way above my head. I don’t go outside either.

The humans first thought that I breathed the fungus in when a human brought it in on shoes. They have a new theory now. They are wondering if I could have breathed in the fungus before I ever came in the house. I hung out in the crawl space under the house when I first showed up here. I could have breathed in anything down there.

In any case, I am feeling better and I will be taking my medicine until my vet tells me I should stop.

My human is going to ask the vet about her theory the next time she sees him. She was at the clinic Saturday to buy food for Becket. The nice lady who answers the phone, and called the other day to see how I’m doing, told her that another kitty was diagnosed with fungal pneumonia on Friday. We are sending prayers and purrs to than kitty too.

5 thoughts on “Better every day

  1. Hay Cheshire, I’m so glad dat UR dowin bettr! Dat stoopid fungi is reelly not a fun guy. hee hee (looking around, up and down) hay, U reelly got a nice blog heer. Looks grate – good werk!

    Sending the ‘keep on gittin well’ vibes to U xoxox

  2. We love this photo of you. You look so very handsome. Continue to get better so we can go to Paris with Katie. Hug hug hug

  3. I hadn’t realized you were wif pneumonia. Plz feel better soon. I’m sending you lots of positive healing thots. Purrs fr ur friend Smokey8

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