Our Christmas Decorations

Our treeWe have a little Christmas tree that our human bought one year when she went to Home Depot for something else on Christmas Eve. It was the very last tree in the place, and it’s purple.

We have it on an art table with images of the Virgin of Guadalupe all over it.

We don’t have too many presents, but we have high hopes for a visit from Santa, who is now somewhere over the Midwest, according to NORAD.

card from understandblue
I got a card from my friend UnderstandBlue, who is an artist and lives in Austin and wrote a book about her cats. (That’s how we met originally, talking about writing books about cats.)

I’m really surprised that my human can make a pretty photo out of such a funny Christmas tree. She also is pretty good at giving chicken treats.

We have another Christmas tree, too. I almost forgot to tell you. Karma really likes this one. Hee hee hee hee.

Karma bites tree

2 thoughts on “Our Christmas Decorations

  1. Your tree is beautiful, as are the souls that live in your home. Merry Christmas and peace to all of you. *many, many katiekisses*

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