Meow Out to Emergency Vets

Let’s give a big paw to emergency vets and their assistants. 

One of our outside kitty kommunity was very, very hurt and our humans took him at about 7 o’clock this morning to the Emergency Pet Clinic in New Braunfels, a town 14 miles from our house. (I have never been out of Seguin, so I am not sure how far this is.) Floppy-eared kitty was a stray who ate at our house and didn’t have a family of his own. His story is a sad one that did not drag on for a long time because the clinic was open.

Other times, the emergency veterinarian is the immediate lifeline that saves a beloved pet (like any of us spoiled kitties at our house). We know one kitty who is recovering from an attack by a car and a dog who is happy and healthy because she got immediate veterinary care last summer. 

While my humans were at the clinic, some people brought in their dogs. One dog had a tumor on his foot, and he was ok to wait to go to his regular vet on Monday. The other dog wasn’t able to use her back legs. Her lady human carried her into the clinic although she probably weighed 80 pounds.

When the vet’s assistant asked what was going on, the lady  human cried. The other dog had a lady human with her too. That lady was upset, but mostly because she thought her husband was being a jerk about getting the dog in for an exam. The vet’s assistant listened to everybody, including my humans, and stayed calm and goodhearted all the time. 

My people (some of them anyway) seem panicky if one of us skips a meal, so I can imagine that by the time the humans get to the emergency vet clinic, they are suffering a lot. Maybe not suffering the same way as their sick or hurt loved one, but they need a kind word. The vet treated our humans well and they say they would take us to the clinic if we ever need care in the middle of the night or on the weekend.

I hope none of us gets sick or hurt, but we know that our humans can take us in the car (which is ok in emergencies, but not any other time), and the calm, well-trained professionals at the Emergency Pet Clinic will be there to help us (and our humans).

The humans learned more about when we might need the emergency clinic. Tell your people to read about when to take you to the emergency clinic

Thank you from the bottom of my little kitty heart to everyone who works in emergency veterinary medicine.

If you have stories about great care you’ve received in a veterinary emergency, please write and let’s tell the world about our great veterinarians and veterinary assistants. Vets need strokes too!

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