My human has been extremely boring for two weeks now. She teaches in a university and has been doing something called “finals.”

Finals time means that she gets up early and immediately starts reading things, sometimes on paper and sometimes on the computer. She keeps reading until she leaves to give her students another final. I hope those students understand how generous she is to take time away from her reading to give them a gift.

Karma and Becket grading finals.
Karma and Becket grading finals.

When she gets home from the finals-giving ceremony, she starts reading again and she keeps reading until late at night. Sometimes we cats help with grading. 

Then she says, “I just can’t read anything else,” and goes outside and gets in the big, square pond and stares at the night sky. I don’t know what she sees up there because I am watching out the window only.

 She goes to bed then, right away, but tries to read something for fun. Ha! She falls asleep and I lie down on her feet. I like to give her support but only when she does not know about it. When she is awake, I stay a safe distance from her to avoid excess petting and cuddling.

Well, she also has been dealing with the printer to finish my book, so I suppose I shouldn’t get too upset with her. My books will be delivered today. I hope Robin will be less boring now, but I am worried about the suitcase in the corner.

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