I have a thing for sequins. Shiny little things that move are just too much for me. I have to eat them, or a least carry them around in my mouth.

The brown sequin skirt was the first.

One day while I still lived under the house, Robin walked past the hole in the wall where I hid to watch them, and I saw sparkles. I stuck my face through the hole out into the garage to get a better look. I smelled food, so I came out all the way. After a short distraction for munching my Evo, I noticed that the skirt was about four feet from me.

I ran toward the skirt, but I couldn’t get all the way to it because Robin was in the skirt, and I still wasn’t sure about her.

Robin noticed my abrupt turn toward a pile of boxes. I watched her from behind the boxes while she turned away from me and stretched out on the garage floor. I guessed she was napping after dinner and thought it would be safe to explore the skirt.

I snuck up on the skirt and started hitting it with my paw (I had to make sure it wasn’t going to get me, didn’t I?). The skirt flinched a little and sparkled, but it didn’t come after me. I climbed on. I looked around for awhile, tried to dig up some sparkles and then took my after dinner bath surrounded by  sequins.

After that, I didn’t mind having Robin around as long as she didn’t come too close to me. Robin made the effort to show me she respects a kitten’s need for autonomy. 

I make the effort to dig for shiny objects.


Cheshire Kitten puts away Christmas decorations.
Cheshire Kitten puts away Christmas decorations.

One thought on “Sequins

  1. We have proof that Cheshire Kitten loves sequins. He tried to dig sequin shapes off my pants yesterday. (The holes prove it!) AND my dance practice skirt with sequin trim around the bottom captivated him.

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